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Christmas Crypt

UpdatesPosted by Henderson Sat, December 24, 2016 20:59:15

Searching for Christmas Viewing, the 1972 Amicus movie "Tales From The Crypt" hits the spot. It features Barbara Murray (Pamela Wilder) as the wife of a ruthless businessman whose desperate bid for a supernatural solution to their problems goes drastically wrong!

It also features Irish actor Oliver MacGreevy as a mad Santa pursuing a bad Joan Collins.

MacGreevy was often cast for his distinctive hairless image (he played Housemartin, the kidnapper in The Ipcress File), but coincidentally he appeared in the December 24 1963 episode of "The Plane Makers". "One Out, All Out" concerned the union reaction to potential redundancies on the run-up to Christmas.

MacGreevy plays Charlie, a member of the "British National Party" who is haranguing the workers as they walk to attend a union meeting. "The Plane Makers" employed a cost-cutting technique with the exterior scenes recorded by outside broadcast cameras rather than film cameras. MacGreevy's scene is rather odd because although he can be seen shouting at the workers, his voice sounds as if it's a recording being played back over loudspeakers. The episode was directed by Peter Sasdy, who went on to direct several horror films - providing a nice circular link to "Tales From The Crypt". You can read more about the "Plane Makers" episode at http://wymark.org.uk/plane96.html