Special Envoy: A New world of WildersUpdates

Posted by Henderson Wed, October 31, 2018 07:06:34

It appears that Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is a fan of The Power Game. News emerges this morning that he plans to appoint business leaders as Ambassadors.

Blog imageThis, of course, replicates the situation in the third series of The Power Game : Special Envoy (1969) where Patrick Wymark as Sir John Wilder is appointed Ambassador for Special Situations and Trade. http://www.wymark.org.uk/power942.html

The ChampionsUpdates

Posted by Henderson Tue, October 30, 2018 22:45:34

Wednesday 30th October 1968: Patrick Wymark guest stars in "Operation Deep Freeze", an episode of "The Champions" premiered on this day on ATV and Yorkshire TV (the episode was screened on other days across the country).

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Wymark played a South American dictator setting off nuclear bomb tests from a secret base in Antarctica and was quoted as complaining that, "I don't know why nobody ever gives me comedy roles on television. I've done more comedy on the stage than drama. See more at http://www.wymark.org.uk/champ.html

Don't Stick Your Head OutUpdates

Posted by Henderson Sat, October 13, 2018 22:45:31

Blog imageIngrid Hafner stars as Wilder's mistress, Kate Barber in "Don't Stick Your Head Out", the 14 October 1963 episode of "The Plane Makers". Arthur Sugden is mystified as to why Wilder insists that he come along on a sales trip to Italy.

A Question of SourcesUpdates

Posted by Henderson Sun, September 30, 2018 22:23:20

Blog imageWhen a newspaper exposes a design flaw in the new Sovereign aircraft, John Wilder demands action from Technical Director Tom Bancroft (Douglas Muir). But the solution is threatened by conflict between a security officer and one of Bancroft's technicians. "A Question Of Sources" is the 30 September 1963 episode of "The Plane Makers" http://wymark.org.uk/plane3.html

Bonkers: Invaders & MindreaderUpdates

Posted by Henderson Sat, September 08, 2018 10:02:16

With Network's BONKERS sale extended to 17 September, you have another chance to buy the Complete Power Game DVD set for £10. You can also get Man of the World for 34.00 which includes the episode The Mindreader starring Patrick Wymark and Juliet Mills.

Blog imageYou can also buy the Armchair Theatre Archive disc for £4 which includes the 1963 play The Invasion by Angus Wilson starring Patrick Wymark.

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Power Game Bonkers Sale!Updates

Posted by Henderson Wed, September 05, 2018 22:34:23

The Complete Power Game DVD Box set, comprising all three series, is currently on sale for £10 extended to 17 September in Network's "Bonkers" sale.

Blog imageThe question was posed today: "Do I need to watch The Plane Makers" before I watch "The Power Game". Interesting question. My answer is "No, it's not imperative." The first episode of "The Power Game" has conversations which refer back to the final episode of "The Plane Makers". They give you enough information to get an idea of what happened in the past. You would probably get extra value from having seen "The Plane Makers" but it doesn't really hurt to have not seen them (When "The Power Game" DVD's were first released, "The Plane Makers" weren't available on DVD).
More importantly, "The Power Game" was written as a standalone series, taking the continuing characters into a totally new situation.
And if you do want to know what happened in "The Plane Makers" we have an episode guide here.

Margaret Johnston - before Mrs Von SturmUpdates

Posted by Henderson Tue, August 28, 2018 00:23:27

Before Robert Bloch ever conceived of The Psychopath, Patrick Wymark and Margaret Johnston worked together at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre (what would later become the Royal Shakespeare Company).

Blog imageIn 1956, Australian actress Margaret Johnston joined the company under Anthony Quayle. She won critical acclaim for her bespectacled, jokey Portia in The Merchant of Venice opposite Emlyn Williams as Shylock. Patrick Gibbs of The Daily Telegraph remarked on her "gay, girlish figure, with a personality all her own." Ivor Brown of The Observer complimented her performance in the trial scene, "with a playful assumption of the learned legalist" keeping a smile beneath her spectacles.

Johnston earned praise as Desdemona opposite Harry Andrews' Othello, for her "refreshingly independent air of femininity." She also won admirers in Anthony Quayle's final production for the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. As Isabella in Measure for Measure, Johnston was acclaimed for the captivating sincerity of her playing opposite Emlyn Williams as Antonio and Anthony Nicholls as the Duke.
Blog imagePatrick Wymark also appeared in Measure for Measure once again playing the comic role - this time as Pompey, the pimp who is arrested and imprisoned but is offered his freedom if he will help the overworked Executioner.

Ironically, the themes of Measure for Measure are similar to those of The Psychopath - deception, disguise, injustice and abuse of power, although Wymark and Johnston would play very different roles in the movie.


Posted by Henderson Sat, August 18, 2018 17:04:47

1 May 1969 - the Broadway premiere of Hamlet, starring Nicol Williamson with Patrick Wymark as Claudius and Constance Cummings as Gertrude.

Blog imageTony Richardson's production at the Roundhouse in Camden had earned much praise, with Williamson winning an Evening Standard award. Read more about the American transfer at http://wymark.org.uk/hamlet.html