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1 May 1969 - the Broadway premiere of Hamlet, starring Nicol Williamson with Patrick Wymark as Claudius and Constance Cummings as Gertrude.

Blog imageTony Richardson's production at the Roundhouse in Camden had earned much praise, with Williamson winning an Evening Standard award. Read more about the American transfer at http://wymark.org.uk/hamlet.html

The SwitchUpdates

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In The Switch (26 January 1966) Sir John Wilder decides that Bligh Construction will buy one of its suppliers. Owner Joe Panton (Alfred Burke) is not impressed Blog imageYou can read more at http://www.wymark.org.uk/power7.html

and read more about Alfred Burke as Frank Marker at

SHADO Con 2Updates

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Derby, June 30 2018. A second convention celebrating the Gerry and Sylvia Anderson TV series UFO was held at the Quad. This time there was the bonus of an ultra-rare screening of the original release print of the Patrick Wymark movie Doppelganger.

Blog imageRead our full report at http://wymark.org.uk/shado2.html

The Curtis AffairUpdates

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There was no new series of The Power Game in 1968, but on January 15 1968, ATV did broadcast The Curtis Affair a one-off play by Wilfred Greatorex.

Blog imageWhile there are no characters from The Power Game in this play, it does pick up some themes from the previous series ( businessman Andrew Keir is accused of making excess profit on a Government contract). The play also starred Michael Jayston as ambitious MP Gerry Hackett - a year before he would join The Power Game as Lincoln Dowling.

The Game of PowerUpdates

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In which we look at The Power Game Board Game

Blog image

Youth Is Wasted on The YoungUpdates

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Blog image
A glimpse of what might have been - Youth is Wasted on The Young - Gerry Anderson's abortive sequel to Doppelganger scripted by Power Game editor Wilfred Greatorex. http://wymark.org.uk/youth.html

This Year's Girl - This YearUpdates

Posted by Henderson Sun, May 27, 2018 10:22:54

Thanks to Hans, who was there at the time, we've been able to update our coverage of "This Years Girl", one of the "Four of Hearts" plays which Patrick Wymark made for ITV in 1965 while transitioning from "The Plane Makers" to "The Power Game".
Blog image

In "This Years Girl" Wymark played a farmer devoted to his bulls and you'll be able to see some remarkable location photo's here

Psychopath on US BluRayUpdates

Posted by Henderson Thu, February 08, 2018 22:43:57

The Psychopath the "disappeared" Amicus movie starring Patrick Wymark as a police inspector investigating a series of bizarre murders, is due to be released in a new 4K restoration in April. Only available in America, the disc from KL Studio Classics features extras such as a commentary by film historian Troy Howarth.
Blog imageWe can only hope some enterprising UK firm such as Eureka or Indicator will release this title in the UK. For more on The Psychopath go here